Justin Ford
President Emeritus

Art Director
Big Machine Label Group

I joined AIGA for the community, the purpose, and the people. Together we can do amazing things."

Kashia Miller

Graphic Designer
Ardent Health Services

I joined AIGA to give back. There is a lot of opportunity with the rapid growth happening here in Nashville, and we need to be active in pursuing the change we want to see. AIGA is a way to unite us and gives our community a platform to have our voices heard.

Ben Chasnov
Vice President

Graphic Designer
Conversion Interactive Agency

I joined AIGA to be part of a community of designers all across the spectrum of experiences and skills.

Gwyneth McEuen

Sr. Graphic Designer

I joined the AIGA board to connect with other creatives and be a part of something exciting and enriching. I have missed serving the creative community as I did when I was on the board of the Untitled Nashville Artists Group, and I am very excited to now be a part of AIGA Nashville.

Joshua Randle
Programming Director

Account Exec
duGard Communications

Although I am not a graphic designer, as a PR professional I interact with designers on a regular basis. Being a part of AIGA makes interactions smoother for everyone. We begin to speak each other's language and go on to create exceptional things.

Aaron Gertler
Web Coordinator

Multimedia Designer
KHS America, Inc.

I joined AIGA for the collaboration. We can make great things separately, but we can make amazing things together.

Shelby Hicks
Social Media Coordinator


I first joined AIGA while attending college, and I have to say the decision was one of the best that I ever made. It gave me opportunities, that I don't believe I would have been able to experience without joining. I became part of a community that I feel at home in, and am striving to make that same community even better for those joining for the first time.