2020 North American Classics Tour

Commercial Type partner Paul Barnes, will tell the fascinating and exciting story of this new foundry. He will explain what inspired Commercial Type, of researching through archives, and of creating new families that offer designers a rich and varied palette of faces.

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of Commercial Type, one of world’s leading independent foundries. During this decade they have released a string of what have become classic typefaces, including Graphik, Guardian, Publico, Lyon, Dala Floda, Druk and Austin. At the same time they have also issued more experimental and groundbreaking faces like Marian, Tanja and recently Orientation. During this period they have created custom typefaces for clients as diverse as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, England’s Soccer Team, Chobani, Rapha and multiple magazines and newspapers across the world.

The team at Commercial Type have been exploring the history of fonts at St Bride Library in London, uncovering long forgotten classics and bringing them back to life. Finally in 2019 they launched a new foundry to release these faces, Commercial Classics. Starting off with faces from the beginning of the nineteenth century, they have created a series of diverse faces, from workhorses like the sans Caslon Doric, and the serifs Brunel and Caslon Ionic, through to some of the most radical and strange faces ever made such as Caslon Italian. The aim was always not to make perfect copies, but faces that captured the spirit of the original and to expand them for today’s users.

When & Where
Tue, Apr 14, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CDT
Tech Hill Commons
500 Interstate Boulevard South
#Suite 210
Nashville, TN 37210