OCTOBER 17, 2015

AIGA Nashville is proud to present Think Tank: Forward, a full day conference event for Nashville’s creative professionals.

Think Tank is a signature annual event that brings together thought leaders from across the design, creative, and experiential industries for one day in Music City, USA. This year’s mini-conference will engage attendees with captivating dialog on the industry’s most important subjects, including how Nashville’s booming growth is connected to the design community. Join us as our speakers expose their processes and dig into the core foundations that evolve their creative work. All creatives have something to show, but Think Tank emphasizes “why” it matters, creating lasting impressions in the minds of those who attend.

The theme for this year is “Forward,” which is inspired by our passion for progress. Whether through advances in our industry or experiences that stimulate personal growth, AIGA Nashville believes in the power of moving forward.

We’re excited to announce Think Tank’s 2015 keynote speakers:

TIM HANKINSThe Honest Company

TY MATTSONMattson Creative

Additionally, we’ll have various panel discussions throughout the day featuring some of Nashville’s design leaders. 

Stay tuned for ticket sales and the full launch our new website, In the mean time, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with chapter news.

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Published July 18, 2015
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